Post a Note Partners with Allied Press

Post a Note Logo

At the end of 2013, Hipwood co-founded a new, free classified site on the South Island of New Zealand, a concept that had not  yet been adopted there. Similar sites such as Trade Me or UK-based Gumtree charge users, while Post a Note earns revenue from banner ads on the site.

In September 2014, Dunedin-based Allied Press, one of New Zealand’s oldest newspaper agencies, then took the majority stake in the site. This partnership with Allied Press has given Post a Note the credibility and resources needed for its expansion strategy to the North Island of New Zealand.

This partnership has recently gotten the attention of major news agencies all over New Zealand, such as the National Business Review, Yahoo News, and the Inside Retail New Zealand.

Hipwood and Post a Note are looking forward to a great partnership with Allied Press and the many possibilities this will be opening up for the site and New Zealand’s population.