How will Google Hummingbird affect me?

Google recently developed a new search algorithm called hummingbird. We are going to talk about how it’s going to affect searching and how it will affect search rankings.


How it affects searching?

Hummingbird is the biggest update to happen to Google since 2001. The new algorithm still uses parts of the prior Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, but in a new way. Google created hummingbird in order to provide the best relevant search results to users search queries. Smart little Google has been tracking how we search for a long time, and it has detected that we search differently even compared to a few years ago. Google has moved away from keyword based searches, and now is focused on Semantic search. What the heck is Semantic search?  It seeks to improve search accuracy by better understanding searcher’s intent and contextual phrases.

googleFor example: If you searched using the older Google algorithms for: ‘buy puppies in Victoria, BC’ the results would have been related to puppies and Victoria, but not the optimal combination of the two. Now, people tend to type questions into Google. ie. ‘ where can I buy a puppy in Victoria, BC?’. The results Google now gives us, relate to dogs, puppies, pet-stores, and adoption agencies in Victoria.  They produce better search results by taking a whole search phrase into account, rather than just a few keywords!

How it affects existing web pages and rankings? 

Your previous SEO tactics are still in use! Google still requires a special recipe of : quality content, non-duplicate tags, social networks, HTML, authentic back-links, and much much more. As well, the classic Google keyword tool has now been replaced by Google’s Keyword Planner. This has combined the keyword tool and traffic estimator, in order to give you better insight into your next campaign. For more information on all of the ingredients needed for better page-ranking, check out this neat Periodic Table of SEO elements.

How to improve Page Ranking with Hummingbird?

If you implement all of the above, your Google search ranking is likely to have remained unchanged. However, there are ways in which you could improve your ranking with hummingbird. How!? This can be done through clever article titles, and authorship.

Hipwood how to

Because Google now searches semantically, you should incorporate that into your titles. ie. someone searches for: “cooking with asparagus.” You should title your post “How to cook asparagus in 5 ways.” Bingo, bango.

If you claim authorship for your posts, it helps to increase your Page Ranking by basically checking your legitimacy, and keeping track of all of your work. This will help you to become one of those people with a nice head-shot and their blogs in the top Google search results.

Why did Google create Hummingbird?

Google created hummingbird to help deliver better search terms to its users. But behind this, was a large motivation for a better mobile experience. One of the reasons Google chose to add Semantic search to hummingbird, was to make it easier for mobile and voice command searching. People talk to Siri/other voice commands in question form, so naturally search also needs to be optimized to answer these requests.

Google Hummingbird will improve our Google search experience, and get us to our web destination faster; so let’s embrace the hummingbird!