Mobile App Development

Hipwood Digital iOS App Development

Mobile development is a strong foundation of Hipwood Digital. We have built award winning mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Working with top level partners, as well as projects for ourselves, we have built up a vast amount of knowledge in mobile development, UI, and UX. In addition, Hipwood’s team are veterans of the app marketing space, and have collectively put over 6000 apps thru the iTunes App store. Our extensive experience and understanding of the mobile marketplace has entitled us to work with both world-class brands and bright start-ups.

What sort of apps do we create? Short answer: everything. Because we are a small company we have been able to adapt to any client request that has come our way. This includes creating apps for NBA ticket upgrades, wedding solutions, sales interfaces, sport teams, education, and much more. We have some of the best developers in-house that can turn your ideas into reality. Contact us to get started on your next app!

Want to see our work? Check out our portfolio.