Online Marketing

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Hipwood can navigate the different strategies that can be used to successfully market your brand online. We can develop your brands SEO/SEM strategies, Social Media campaigns/set-up, Online Advertising campaigns, Affiliate programs, email marketing, and more.

Once we sit down with you we will evaluate, your current strategies, were you need to be, and what strategies we can employ to get you there. For accomplishing this goal, some of the following services may be used based on your company’s needs:

- SEO                                                               - Email Marketing Campaigns

-SEM                                                               -Paid Online Advertising (Google Adwords)

-Social Media Campaigns                             - Web traffic analysis (Google Analytics)

-Blogging Strategies                                      -Traffic Monetization

-Affiliate advertising                                      -Content Creation

-Copywriting                                                   -And even real-world marketing promotions


View our successful social media marketing campaign with Rugby Canada.