Web Development



Web Development Process


You’ve got that great idea for a new product/service so naturally you need a website; or you have come to the conclusion that your current website is inadequate. In this process we determine what key factors will be integral for the success of your website, what your competitors (if any) are doing, and what you want the website to do.


In this step we get artsy. We determine what design will work best to convey your message to your target audience. Not only that, but we get your feedback on the design to make sure you like it ; and most importantly, that it represents your company’s vision.


This is were our developer has some fun. In this step, HTML pages, coding, web content, and responsive structures are built into platforms. English version? The developer finalizes the website back-end structure and enables it so it becomes responsive on which-ever device you choose.


The website has been built, but how are your customers going to find it? In this step we set you up for success. We understand search engines and  use this to effectively launch your online web strategy. This includes optimization for search engines (SEO), set-up with Google Analytics, and more. Now you are web ready!